Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to me, a season pass to Disneyland!

For my birthday this year, I got a season pass to Disneyland! Not to mention some free corn tortillas from the Tortilla Factory in the California Adventure park and a button that said Happy Birthday, so all day long the employees would see my button and say, "Happy Birthday Tara!" At first I kept wondering how everyone knew my name and that it was my birthday, but then I realized they were following protocol with my sweet Happy Birthday button! It was one of my favorite birthdays!!

Our new favorite place to go!

I've always loved Disneyland, but now that we have kids, we like it even more, even Justin! Britlyn has gone 3 times in the 6 weeks she's been born. What can we say? There's not a lot to do in Bakersfield and lots to do at Disneyland!

Britlyn gets blessed on Mother's Day!

Britlyn was blessed on May 11th, 2008, Mother's Day! We were in Utah for Amber and Taylor's wedding so we blessed her in the singles ward where my Dad is serving as the Bishop. We then had a lunch w/ everyone afterwards in my mom and dad's backyard. The food was great, weather beautiful and company even better. My favorite part was when Brogan poured water on Grandpa's homemade chocolate cake and then later poured dirt on the food table, luckily it was into an empty bowl, but he made a few of us scream as we watched it unfold not knowing where it was going. Britlyn was a little angel and spent most of the day sleeping!

Hospital visitors!

I was so glad to have visitors, especially w/ all my family being in Utah and Justin's in Riverside, CA!

This is what you've been talking about for 9 months?

By the look on Brogan's face, you can tell he was not quite sure what to think of his new sister! Now he walks around saying, "Oh, how cute." He's been hanging around his mom too much!

Our beautiful baby Britlyn! Born April 8th, 2008 6:58 AM!

After only 3 hours of intense labor, Briltyn Mae Williams was born on April 8th, 2008 at 6:58 am. I woke up at 4:00 am w/ my stomach hurting and a dire need to use the restroom. What's new right, for a pregnant lady? Well, the hurt turned more into cramps and those cramps got strong pretty quickly! At about 5:30 am, I woke Justin up and told him that I was pretty sure this baby was coming. Of coarse, I spent the last hour and a half cleaning just in case I was in labor since I knew it would be my last chance. Justin told me I was crazy and should have been relaxing. But that's just not me. When I woke him he was dazed at first, but once he realized what I was telling him, he put it into high gear and got crackinn'! We called the Wrens, drove Brogan over to their house, made sure we had all we needed and drove to the hospital. We walked in and up the delivery area and told them we thought we were in labor, that our baby was breech, and I gave them my paperwork. They didn't seem to really think I was in labor because I was so calm. They took their time getting me into our room thinking I had a lot of time left. Once in our room, the nurse asked me to rate my pain out from 1-10 and I said 9. She didn't believe me, I guess because I wasn't screaming or going crazy so she said, "You're probably not a 9, you'd know if you were. Choose a different one." So I thought, well, maybe she's right and said, "how about a 7?" She thought that sounded better, but I knew I was having intense cramps. She realized I was right about being a 9 as soon as they figured out my progress and how big my contractions were on the monitor. They then rushed me into surgery. The surgery was a wild experience and not too long after we had a 7 lbs 7 oz and 19 3/4 inches long beautiful girl. She was beautiful and I was so relieved to see how wonderful and healthy she looked! She looked just like her brother Brogan. She has been a joy to have in our family, not to mention a lot of work! But we just adore her!