Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brogan finally wears a hat!

Brogan's first peepee in the big boy potty!

Brogan went potty in his little boy toilet this week, standing up! Which Justin thinks is pretty amazing,(the standing up part.) It's thanks to Justin since he let him run around without a diaper on for a little while and before we knew it, he decied to take a bathroom break! It's only happened once, but he's always sitting on his little potty, pretending to go to the bathroom. He flushes it and walks away like he's done something to really be proud of. Hey, it's a step. Since we have a new baby coming shortly, in less than a month, we will wait to start some real training. Until then, he practices here and there and thinks it's pretty cool to wear big boy underwear for about 2 minutes and then it's back to diapers!

Condors Cutest Fan!

Keeta Mackey called us up this week and gave us a couple of tickets to the Condor's hockey game for Saturday night. So we went out to eat at Roadhouse Grill, where Justin and I get the usual BBQ chicken sandwich on wheat w/ side of Baked Sweet Potato. Brogan was pretty good at the restaurant aside from the few times he threw food at the neighboring table, hitting a lady at least one time. Talk about embarrassing! And when Brogan gets on a kick, like throwing food, he wants to do it over and over again. I finally chomped down my food and took him outside while Justin paid to let him run wild for a minute. Then it was off to the hockey game. As soon as we walked in, they handed Brogan a free Condor Jersey, which drowned him and we headed to our seats. We decided to get their early because Brogan only lasts for so long sitting in a chair watching hockey when he should be in bed. The pre-game events are better than the game anyway, so it's our best strategy. Of course, as soon as we got there, Brogan made friends with a boy 3 times his age and they played until the game started. Me, being over 8 months pregnant, sat in our seats while Justin kept an eye on him down by the ice. Brogan loved the actual game, for the first 5 minutes. He lasted to the end of the first period and we left. Which was fine since it was 4 to 0 and it wasn't the Condor's winning. But we did see a couple good fights, which we made sure to tell Brogan that fighting is "no, no" so that he doesn't try some body slamming techniques next week when he goes to the daycare at the gym! He's already working on not spitting! Don't ask me where he picked that up! Overall, it was a great night!

Future Professional Bowler!

Video of our little bowler! Last Saturday, March 8, 2008 , we decided to take Brogan bowling. It was the most relaxing activity our family has ever experienced. Well, maybe for Justin and me, Brogan got quite the workout! Justin and I just sat back and cheered on Brogan as he went back and forth with the bowling ball pushing it down the ramp and down the lane, knocking into the bumpers a couple of times and finally hitting a few pins. He'd then run to get the ball from the shoot, laugh hysterically and do it again! $3.50 has never been so worth it!