Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gifts from Grandma Wood!

Brogan got a special package in the mail from Grandma Wood! She sent him some pumpkin decorations so we had a good time putting them together! He loves his Grandma Wood and misses her while she's in Utah!

Who doesn't love Sprinklers?

If the sprinklers are on, this is where you will find Brogan. He loves water, especially when its being shot out of a sprinkler head!
The green belt runs through our backyard and is watered by large magical sprinklers! I'm pretty sure he thinks they are alive. Luckily he lives in California so he can see his sprinkler friends year round.

Winners of the Best Costume Contest!

As most of you know, Brogan has always had an extra special place in his heart for airplanes. So of course, he wanted to be an airplane for Halloween. Britlyn was a cute little goldfish. Justin found the idea for him to be the floor of the theatre, hence all the food, wrappers, and junk stuck to him and I was the usher of the theatre. I'm sure you aren't surprised that we won the trophy at the ward party for the best costumes! Ha, ha!

Brogan the Man!

Maybe I'm partial, but I think this kid is adorable! How can you resist this face?

My Baby Britlyn!

I adore this little girl! She is an easy baby, if there is such a thing... She loves to talk, smile, and sleep! Usually the first thing people notice about her are her big eyes and the big smile that follows! The smile is extra cute these days with those two bottom teeth poking out!

Brogan Goes to Preschool!

Brogan started preschool this year and is loving it! He's in the same class as his friend Sydney, who calls him "my Brogan." Amy and I push our kids, Brogan and Sydney in strollers as we run together every Tues. and Thurs. and after the run, it's off to school for these two! They have a good time together in Mrs. Collin's class!

Irvine Pumpkin Patch

Prop 8!

I wish we would have taken more pictures of all the efforts of Prop 8! These are pictures of signs and the corner we waved signs at many times. There was much more involved in the effort and I could spend days writing, but all I will say is that it was a blessing to our family and we will forever be changed from the lessons learned! We are grateful to have been a part of it!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin

For Justin's Birthday, I surprised him with a Dolphin and Whale Safari! Joy, Justin's mom, came and watched Brogan and Britlyn while we had our adventure. It was a gorgeous day and we loved every minute of it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hilarious Birds!

If Brogan could, he'd go through boxes and boxes of crackers feeding the birds! He thinks it's the funniest thing to watch them swarm around the crackers he tosses to them. Little does he know that while he laughs at the birds, everyone else on the beach is laughing at how funny he is! Brogan now tells me he needs to go to the beach so he can laugh so hard!

Boys on the beach!

Home Sweet Home

Lovin' life in the O.C.!

It is gorgeous here!! If I can't live by my family, I better live somewhere pretty amazing and I think we found it!
It's green, the weather is beautiful, and we love the beach! It's about 15 - 20 min away and there are all kinds of beaches around. I may actually get a tan!
Brogan is still scared of the water, but he'll soon get over that! He still loves going to the beach!
I also love to run and this is a beautiful place for doing that! It's so nice that Justin actually goes running with me now! It's a family event, we pack the kids in the stroller and hit the hills. There are rolling hills around us so we get quite the workout, especially pushing 2 kids in a stroller!
You've got almost everything at your finger tips, so we are feeling very grateful!
Well, time to get ready. We are going to be hitting the beach here pretty soon for the 3rd time this week! Gotta work on that tan right?

Beach babe!

Britlyn's first time at the beach, and not to mention, her first swimming suit! (Thanks to aunt Janelle!)

Talk about adorable!!

Britlyn is now 4 months old and there's just something about that change from 3 to 4 months! They just come alive!
Britlyn's always been a big smiler. She also loves to talk. She says so much with her eyes. She'll watch me and talk to me in her little way until she's gotten what she wants, wether it's a smile or a full belly!
I have just fallen in love with this little girl!